Sunday, March 8, 2009

From the Kinder Kitchen

Submitted by Michelle
I've had an inspiration for fund raising at school. Not fund raising for the entire school - fundraising for kindergarten. And not fund raising that involves selling magazines, gift wrap or candy. Fund raising that takes a small effort but yields a large profit. Introducing...From the Kinder Kitchen. One day each month the kindergarten kids (my class and my teaching partner Carla's class) will make muffins and sell them to the upper grade students as well as the teachers. The parents will donate the supplies and our classroom volunteers will help with the baking. Lucky for us, we have a stove/oven on our kindergarten hallway that we can use, as well as an oven in the teacher's lounge and several other ovens to choose from on the upper grade hallways.

This week I did a test run of a banana crumb muffin and gave them to several teachers and the office secretaries to try out. They were so popular I had pre-orders for our fundraiser! I enjoyed the recipe so much I decided to make it again today since my favorite cooking buddy Celeste is visiting and we needed a tasty treat for breakfast.

I found this recipe on I was drawn to it because it does not contain nuts as most banana muffin, cookie and bread recipes do. Cooking for kids means dealing with nut allergies and I don't want to make anything with my class that other kids possibly can't eat. However, Linda always says, "If it doesn't have nuts, it's not worth eating" or something like that. I think she will approve of this recipe despite the lack of nuts because it has a yummy streusel topping. In Linda's book, streusel is almost as good as nuts.

The recipe is a very basic mixture that can easily be combined by hand. Celeste did most of that work for me.
Whilst she stirred, I made the streusel topping in the food processor. The recipes says to combine brown sugar, cinnamon and flour and then "cut in" the butter with a fork. I don't find that method very effective. The food processor does the job quickly and efficiently and makes a really fine crumb topping that I could never achieve with a fork.
We then put the batter in a muffin pan...
and added the topping.

20 minutes later we had a homemade breakfast.

Click here to view the Banana Crumb Muffin recipe and I'll keep you posted on my fundraising endeavors.

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Ami, Bob, and Jack said...

Love this idea, Michelle! So cute and so you! :)