Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Field Trip Day in Kindergarten!

Submitted by Linda
Here I am with Katelyn, Gillian, Monique and Teena the mama cow!

Today my kindergarten friends enjoyed their first field trip! We went to Amy's Farm in Chino, which in my opinion is the PERFECT kindergarten trip. The students are able to visit their small garden, pet goats, horses, sheep, cows/calves, horses and bunnies. They feed pigs, and give a calf a bottle of milk! Roosters and chickens run amok, crowing throughout the visit. And practically every animal there has a cute name. (You can visit their website if you want to check them out).
Here are Jacob and Sarah holding bunnies. I don't know which are cuter -
the bunnies or the kids!

These calves are waiting for their bottle. They could hardly wait for the kids to feed them.
Two children (four hands) held onto each bottle. If the kids didn't hold on tight, the calf would suck it right out of their hands. The calf below stuck his nose through the fence to get his milk!Here's monique with Bubba the Sheep. The kids decided he felt like a blanket.
Anyway, we all ended up having a great day. And I'm thankful I get paid to do something I love!


Lara.Jenkins said...

Those bunnies!!! It took every part of me not to stick them in my purse and RUN!!

kate wallace said...

Your kids are sooo cute Aunt Linda! Looks like you guys had so much fun!