Saturday, March 7, 2009

Double Duty with Easter Grass

Submitted by Linda
I love to decorate seasonally (must be the kindergarten teacher in me) but I am selective in what I choose, because I don't want to store truckloads of decorations for every month of the year (Look back to "Christmas Tip #11" for more on that).

I DO like products that are seasonal but end up being useful all year long. One example of a useful seasonal product is Easter grass. Now, I'm NOT talking about the grass that comes in the fun pastel colors (pink, purple, and traditional green), though I do have those colors on hand for my boys' easter baskets. For my purposes, I like the iridescent white (shown above), or the papery type in pastel colors that looks like shred (used for gift bags, etc.). This grass (and other varieties) is usually on sale at Michael's through Easter, and ends up being 50% off after Easter - so be sure to stock up.

This pretty grass/shred is beautiful in an Easter basket...........but also makes a beautiful upgrade to my favorite gift wrapping product: The Cello Bag! I think any gift looks great in a cello bag. Shown below are some body products with the grass in the bottom of the bag. Notice on the bow, I've also added some of the fabulous Container Store shred that was mentioned in my post entitled "Cute Token Gift".
This gift is for Tommy's friend Danielle, whose birthday is today. She is dating Tommy's good friend Jon, but went to prom last year with Tommy (as friends). We enjoy having her in our home now and again, so I wanted to get her a little something "girly". I can't resist including a prom picture so you can see how cute they both looked!

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