Saturday, March 21, 2009

Come On In

Submitted by Michelle

Last weekend, when I met Linda in Redlands for a Front Row Friends luncheon, she brought me a wreath she made for my front door. Over a year ago, I enlisted her help making a wreath, which we were very successful at, but the summer sun of the desert fried it and I needed something new for this spring.

The grapevine base of the wreath actually came from last year's wreath - I cut everything off and recycled it. When I gave Linda the grapevine I said, "I need you to help me make a new wreath for this year" which really meant, "I need you to make me a wreath for this year." You see, Linda is much more talented in this department and I know it hence, I much prefer her doing all the work, including picking out the stuff to stick on the wreath, and leaving the hanging and enjoying of the wreath to me. I guess I did help in a small way - with Linda's help I picked out the eggs at Michael's and I hot glue gunned them into the nest, all on my own!

So the lesson here is, find out your Front Row Friend's strengths and then get her to use them
on projects for you! But seriously, I am thankful I have such a talented friend who will happily and gladly make things for me when I need them.

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Stacey said...

I totally agree with you. Our talented friend sewed a patch on Jack's uniform for me the other day. I have no talent in this area so she was very willing to help me out. It not only looked great, she seemed happy to do it for me! What a great friend we have!!!