Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alstroemeria: The Budget Friendly Flower

Submitted by Linda
During these times of economic uncertainty, Michelle and I have both become a bit more budget conscious, and have had more than a few conversations about cutting costs without cutting out the important things in life that make us happy.

For me, having cut flowers around feels like a necessity (even though I'll admit it's a luxury). Because I have several established rosebushes, I can usually cut a rose whenever the spirit moves me. However, in January, when the roses are cut back, I feel a bit blue. They look so forlorn, sheared down and not a single bud in sight!

Well, enter the hard-working flower heroine of the day: the Alstroemeria. Now, the Alstroemeria has never been a favorite flower of many, or a famous flower, as others are (think roses for romance, daisies in "You've got Mail", etc.). But the Alstroemeria earns her keep because her blooms endure over time. By changing the water in your vase, you can coax your Alstroemeria bouquet to continue spreading the joy of fresh blooms for 2 (or even up to 3) weeks!
The stem hanging on my bathroom mirror is 2 weeks old, and still looks fresh.
The other budget-friendly bonus of the Alstroemeria is that they are not costly. I bought the single stem shown above for $1, from the florist department at Von's. The bouquet picture at the top was purchased today for $3 for 5 stems.

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