Sunday, February 1, 2009

The View From Here

Submitted by Michelle
This is one of the many splendid views from our home in La Quinta. We live in a neighborhood that is almost completely surrounded by the Santa Rosa Mountains. Residents refer to it as The Cove and though it isn't a gated community and our home isn't on a golf course, I really love where we live. I love that I can walk to work or to my favorite coffee spot in Old Town (I call it the New-Old Town, since it is brand new.) I love that many of my students live in the neighborhood. And I love that there is an excellent walking trail for me and the dogs to take advantage of most times of the year.
This is Lucy. David calls her Osama Bin Lucy when she pees in the house. Tommy and Nick, Linda's boys, call her Lucifer because she barks incessantly at them. I call her Lucy or Lucille or Lucy Bell or Lou-bell and she is my walking companion and the best 4 legged friend I've ever had. Though she has short legs and weighs about 10 pounds, she can walk for hours on end. She never tires and is always happy to go out on the trail with me.
This is the view going south on our street. Lucy and I usually walk almost all the way to where the street ends at the mountains. Zoe, our other dog, doesn't always come along. She doesn't like long walks and if David is home there is no way I can get her out of the house.
Because Lucy likes to walk off leash, and because I like to look at the mountain views, we usually walk on this street as we head to the top of the cove.
This is one of the houses that we pass along the way. (Actually, you can't see the house but this is the front gate.) Rumor has it that Richard Dreyfus owns it. I don't believe it.
This house is supposedly owned by Lisa Kudrow. I do believe that rumor because my friend Sonia knows the people who rent the house and they told her they rent from Lisa Kudrow. Either way, I think the ocotillo to the left of the gate is spectacular.
When we get almost to the top of the cove we hop onto the nature trail. Though I'm usually a rule follower to a fault, I do break the "dogs on leash" rule and let Lucy run off leash when we are on the trail and no one else is around.
When we first get on the trail, this is the view looking up...
and down.
Sometimes Lucy runs ahead, but she always comes racing back. She also lags behind at times and I get a kick out of hearing the click-click-click of her toenails as she runs to catch up with me.
Oddly enough, this is one of 3 identical trees that I see on my way down the trail. It reminds me of a Christmas tree and I have no idea how it survives in the summer. But it does. And it is green year round.
This is the killer view that we have about half way down the walking trail. The mountains in the distance are the Chocolate Mountains, not the Santa Rosas. They run parallel to interstate 10. (They really are called the Chocolate Mountains. David thinks I made that up.)
This is our view as we get close to the bottom of the trail. You can see people in the distance - the only ones we ran into on our entire walk! That's another thing I love: the peace and solitude I find when I'm out walking with Lucy.
This is one of the many interestingly painted homes I see as I am walking home through the neighborhood. Not quite my style but the owners do get props for having the confidence to go with bold color choices.

So, if you're ever in my hood, come on out for a walk. I'd love the company.


Samantha said...

WOW Michelle- these are beautiful- what an awesome place to live- besides the 120 degree weather.:)

~ Lucy said...

So, if I'm laid off next, I'm moving out to your neck of the woods. It's lovely. I also happen to know that there is nothing as beautiful as a So Cal desert sky especially at night. I lived with those skies for a time when I was a kid and I often miss them.

kate wallace said...

so beautiful! and your dog is cute!!!