Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Treat Bags

Submitted by LindaYes, this is a Longaberger valentine basket from 2005. My awesome husband surprised me with it in Christmas '05.
So I've been under the weather with my usual January/February allergy attack, which then evolved into a bad cold. There is a giant tree just outside my kindergarten classroom that does it's budding thing with a bunch a green and yellow fuzzy pollen beginning in mid-January. After a week of coughing, sneezing, wheezing, itching, I've finally got things settled down. In a couple more weeks, when that tree moves onto it's next phase, I'll be good to go for another year.

As I was resting and sleeping a ton (Michelle has to remind me that it is good to slow down once in a while), I was thinking, "I've got to get something on the blog!!!" So today after my teaching day, I finally felt like working on something fun. These treat bags are for my kindergarten students. You probably know that I am pretty loyal to my Stampin Up products, but now and again I stray to the 'contraband' supplies (Target Dollar Spot brads/embellishments, and the dollar ribbon at Michael's). Shown below on the left (and in the basket) are treat bags made with Stampin Up paper, cut out with Michelle's Big Shot, a scallop cut out of white, and a cute sticker from Me and My Big Ideas (thanks to my student Josiah's Christmas gift to me). The sample on the right uses some contraband paper, a stamp from Stampin Up's Valentine Bundle, and a cute brad from Target's Dollar Spot. I may add a tiny tag (or label on the back) saying who it's from. I think these are so cute and quick, I'm planning to make a few more for my teacher friends.
I still believe that any gift is better when it comes in a cute cello bag. The question is, will any of my five year old friends appreciate it? Or will they just bust out the chocolate?


kate wallace said...

cute little gift bags! i love it! im sorry that you arent feeling well! i love you!

Feistylorie said...

Hope you feel better soon. We turned in our Valentine's Day cards--courtesy of Stampin Up. Rich has been asking how you are. Rest and sip on some snowman soup. The bags are adorable. Hope they don't get kicked to the floor too fast when ripped open for the candy.