Friday, February 13, 2009

Thinking Outside the Box

Submitted by Linda

I have an older brother who thinks outside the box. He is a self-proclaimed 'techno-nerd' (Silicon Valley), proudly wears a mullet and signs his birthday cards to my boys "Wierd Uncle Larry". Despite all the harassment he caused me as his little sister, he ended up marrying a wonderful girl and turned out to be one of the smartest, most generous and thoughtful guys in the world. His birthday is coming, and he hinted to me that he'd like a copy of this cartoon blown up and framed. I apologize for the poor quality of this photo.
The story behind the cartoon is a long one, but let me just say that when visiting our grandparents in Nebraska, time seemed to stop. We joked about time in Nebraska being like 'dog years' (being there one day felt like a week). I'm certain that the bigger cities are more metropolitan, but the small towns we visited felt like 'time warp': nothing ever changed!

My plan was to simply do what he asked (blow up the cartoon and frame it), and then last night I had a revelation: Why not try my water-color crayons to upgrade and add a bit of color!! (You know how I LOVE to upgrade things!) So after I enlarged it (on cardstock) to fit a 5x7 frame, I got out my SU water-color crayons and aqua painters, and in a few minutes, this is what I had!
Here it is, in the frame! I think he will love it!

All that to say, we can all "think outside the box" and use our craft supplies for unusual purposes. As usual, you can check out these products at Michelle's SU website.

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