Friday, February 20, 2009

Thinking Ahead For St. Patty's Day

Submitted by Linda
Here is a picture of me with my front row friend Amy at her daughter's wedding last month. I would probably embarrass her if I listed all of her strengths, but let me mention a few. I have become a better teacher because of her leadership and educational expertise, and I count it a privilege to work with her every day. Amy also is a quilter (in the hierarchy of crafts, sometimes I think that quilting is a real art form, whereas stamping is just cutting and pasting). Amy is quite a cook (homemade noodles anyone?) and, can carry a 60 pound bag of cement under one arm and talk on the phone with her other hand.

I have been nagging her to stamp with me, and the occasion arose when she needed place cards for the above-mentioned wedding (they turned out beautiful - and I think she may be hooked!!!).

Amy and her husband Hank are famous for a St. Patrick's Day Party they throw every March. This year, Amy decided to upgrade her usual purchased invitations to make her own. So last weekend we got to work:

Amy colored these leprechauns with markers, so that she could add in the detail of his beard, smile, etc.
Here is the final invitation! I like the detail of the round "pinch proof" stamp on the envelope!
Amy will type up details for the party and attach it on the inside.
Anyone who gets invited to this party will be feeling LUCKY!!

Here are the Stampin' Up supplies we used:
Glorious Green Cardstock and Ink
Only Orange Cardstock
Many Marvelous Markers
Contraband (Non SU) Printed Paper

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Lara.Jenkins said...

This is such a sweet post! Yes, Amy truly is AMAZING! The cards are super cute, too!

Love the blog....