Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing Says Love Like.......Pancakes!

Submitted by Linda
This Valentine's I reaped the benefits of having generous friends. My dear front row friend Heidi (my Chicago pal) sent me a darling box of goodies which included her HOMEMADE product pictured above: Batter Up Brand Grand Slam Pancake Mix! Well, the next morning Craig was "up and at 'em" to try out the mix. I pulled out these two silicone heart molds which were given to me by my kindergarten friend Richard (whose gift tag read "You're one red hot teacher!"). Richard's mom, Lorie, is a great mom who has a family blog. Click here to read her blog (Be sure to find the entry about the baby swallowing a lego - you will laugh out loud).

Here are the pancakes cooking in the pan:
Here is the finished product:
My kids agreed that the Batter Up mix was a homerun- very yummy. And I think the heart shape is too cute!

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Feistylorie said...

Those look adorable! We knew you would put them to good use! Thanks for the great V-Day candy bags. I made Rich take notice and appreciate the details before he ripped into it.