Sunday, February 22, 2009

Never Too Late For Chocolate!

Submitted by Linda
Because I so appreciate my boys' teachers, I always try to do little treats periodically throughout the year for them. Keep in mind that my boys are in high school - so I'm guessing those teachers don't get wonderful goodies from kids too often. As a kindergarten teacher, I am blessed by my students on every holiday - so what else can I do but 'pay it forward'? This can get expensive when both boys have 6 teachers, so I usually try to do something inexpensive, but thoughtful and cute.

Well, I had a plan for Valentine's Day which included using a Hershey Bar, Stampin' Up's new heart punch, and candy lane paper. Then Valentine's Day came and went- and I had not decorated my Hershey Bars!

I decided that I still loved my plan, so this weekend I made labels that read:
It may be too late for Valentines-
But it's never too late for chocolate!

This is how it turned out with the Candy Lane paper. Some of the hearts are elevated with dimensionals, and some have glitter on them. I used a deckle scissors to 'upgrade' my boring Avery label.

I also decided to use up some of last year's SU valentine's paper. So here it is in the brown, pink, turquoise color combo.

My boys are too embarrassed to deliver these cuties to each teacher, so tomorrow I will drop them off in the office. I know the ladies will enjoy them....I always wonder what their guy teachers think?!

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