Monday, February 2, 2009

Buttermilk Fantails

Submitted by Michelle
Lately I've been feeling rather invincible in the kitchen so yesterday I decided to give bread baking a try but in a simpiler form: buttermilk rolls. This month's Gourmet magazine has a big spread on all different sorts of rolls and Buttermilk Fantails looked the easiest so I pulled out my yeast, flour and buttermilk and got cracking.

The actual work time was not long, but the rising time was a whole different story. Once the dough was made it had a 2 hour resting period. Then, after I rolled out the dough and assembled the rolls, they had to rest/rise for another 1.5 hours.
The final result was, in my opinion, pretty ho-hum. The rolls were tasty enough, but not as light as I had hoped. Next time, I think I would use my Kitchen-Aid for the kneading process rather than kneading the dough by hand as the recipe instructs. Perhaps the dough would come out lighter if a machine had done the work.

So I guess I'm not Super Woman of the kitchen........yet.

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Jeffrey said...

Hey so they weren't spectacular hunh? They certainly LOOK gorgeous.