Saturday, January 10, 2009

Too Busy For Girlfriends?

Submitted by: Linda
So here's a blast from the past....this is Michelle and me at my college graduation (May 1987). I had forgotten how grainy pictures used to be before we went digital. We both have some big hair, don't we???
This brings me to a brief article I just read in a magazine. It gave four reasons why our women friends are worth the time and effort, even though life isn't nearly as simple as it was when we were in college, and our time was our own. I found that I agree, and thought they were worth sharing.

1. Girlfriends let us whine. (Need I say more?)
2. Girlfriends take pressure off our husbands. I've heard that women need to use a ton more words each day than men. Even though Craig is in my front center row, he and I joke about my using way too many words, and my habit of making a short story long. I've found that girl friends love to hear the long version of stories, and can empathize with our issues without trying to "fix" it immediately.
3. Girlfriends make us laugh. (For me, this usually happens when we get loopy after crafting all day and night!)
4. Girlfriends ask hard questions. I count on women in my front row to hold me accountable and help push me to do the right thing.

So, to quote the author, Susan Yates: The next time one of your friends calls and wants to get together and you moan about not having time because of all the things you have to do, take a deep breath and say, "Yes". It can be the best present you'll give yourself!

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Veronica C. said...

How wonderful to have beautiful memories like this. It takes a lot of time, effort, and love to nourish a friendship like yours. Congratulations!