Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweethearts Magnet: Another Cute Valentine Idea

Submitted by: Linda
This "old-school" sweethearts candy box is from 1999. Tommy is now a high school senior! Now the sweethearts boxes have a more updated look - but still have the little window in front. Take out the candy and attach your child's picture inside. On the back of the box, attach an adhesive magnet strip. Viola! The all-time-cutest magnet for your refrigerator!

I do these each February as a gift from my kindergarten students to their parents - and the parents love it.

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The Adams Family said...

WOW! of all the things you see here, I too have two of these cute boxes on my fridge, from when my boys were in 2nd grade! and now I make them for my pre-schoolers for their parents!