Thursday, January 8, 2009

Plan Ahead for Valentine's Day

Submitted by: LindaBack when I taught second grade, I did a giant postal unit and I discovered the fun of having your valentines postmarked from Loveland, Colorado. It was so fun and special to send valentines to my family and friends with this special postmark. If you can have your valentines ready WAY ahead of time, you can send them to Loveland, where they will send them out with their Valentine's postmark, which is new every year. The postmarks you see pictured are from 1999.

In 2007, Loveland’s Post Office handled 212,000 cards/letters , from 100+ countries and all 50 states. More than 12 million valentines have been re-mailed since the program started in 1947.

To have valentines re-mailed with the Loveland postmark, enclose your pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes (envelopes should each have 42-cent postage), add extra stamps/postage for heavier/odd shaped valentines, mail in a large stamped envelope to:

Valentine Re-mailing
446 E. 29th St.
Loveland, CO 80538

Deadlines for re-mailing and delivery by Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14:
(I took this info from last year's dates.....forgive me if the info isn't 100% correct).

  • Valentine cards/envelopes destined for re-mailing outside of the U.S. to other countries and international destinations should be in Loveland by Monday, Feb.2.
  • Valentine cards/envelopes destined for re-mailing within the U.S. and outside of Colorado should be in Loveland by Saturday, Feb. 7.

Nothing says LOVE like a card sent with a sweet postmark! If I discover any new information about this as time passes, I will post an update.

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