Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Girl Time!

Submitted by LindaHere's a picture of my niece Courtney and me at the APU Alumni cruise we were on in January. I've already commented about my amazing nieces and nephews - but today I wanted to do a "shout out" for Courtney. We have lots of good memories with "Coco" as a child, but she'd be MORTIFIED if I posted pictures of her at age 8, when we had the great fun of taking her with us to Oregon. Anyway, it has been fun watching her grow into an amazing adult, complete with a husband, job, home, heart for children, and a dream of having one of her her own. And if you ever get the chance to play "Catch Phrase" with her - you'll be inspired by her competitive spirit and determination to beat the guys' team!

One of her gifts (though she would possibly deny it) is to "make things happen". I think I've said something about getting friends together to stamp a jillion times, and she's the one who helps me get it planned and on the calendar. So since Michelle was in town for our C-Mont stamp club on Friday, I prepped the same exact projects for an informal time of stamping. It started with the local nieces, but since Kari's in South Africa, and Katie's in DC, it shrunk a bit and we added some pals (to follow Kari's and Katie's journeys, click here or here. Very Fun!!)

So here's a part of our group: I was so mad at myself when I realized that niece Tiffany left to feed baby Zeke before we took the photo (you can be sure you'll hear about her someday, as well). Pictured below are Carrie, Courtney and Janelle (youth leader extraordinaire). You may be able to see in the pic that I added a little cellophane candy treat bag with a cute header to our project list (the rest of the cards can be seen in detail on Michelle's entry dated 1/23/09).
Now our plan is to send them to Loveland, CO to get the postmark before Valentine's Day! (See blog entry dated 1/8/09 for directions for how you can do it also).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me those cute valentines! I look forward to using them. Sorry I missed all the fun, but Zeke and I had some great grandma-zeke time!

Courtney said...

Good entry!! That was such a fun Saturday. :) Aunt Linda - thanks for hosting it AGAIN. Michelle - we would be lost without your clear direction, thanks!

kbixby said...

looks like fun! :)

...bummed i missed it!