Monday, January 26, 2009

The Grocery Game

Submitted by LindaHere is a silly picture of my boys this morning, eating breakfast. They had a Late Start School Day today, so Craig cooked them up some eggs and pancakes. I had to include a "food related" photo and this is it!

I want to tell you about "The Grocery Game". This is a nationwide service you can join that takes most of the brainwork and effort out of using coupons for groceries, paper goods, toiletries, and so on. When you join ( I believe you can try it for a month for $1.00! What a deal!) you can choose to get a list from a variety of stores (Von's, Ralphs, Staters, Walgreens, and more). On this list, you'll find what items are at their "rock bottom" prices, and they'll tell you exactly where to find the coupon in your Sunday LA Times. It's easy to start, even if you haven't been saving the Sunday coupons. I don't cut ANY coupons UNTIL the item appears on the list, and then they tell me exactly which coupon section/which date to find it. So there's no cutting and filing coupons. I just put the date on the coupon packets that come in each Sunday paper, than look through them when I need a coupon.

If you go to the website, you can read all about why they say the "List" that they provide really is the cheapest, rather than the "phantom sales" that are sometimes in grocery ads (basically advertising a "sale" which isn't actually the cheapest the item will be).

The founder, Terri, also encourageds you to "stockpile" things when they are at their "rock bottom" price, so that you don't have to buy it until it goes "rock bottom" again.

I can't even begin to estimate how much money I've saved, but I definitely do my menu planning based on what's on the list. It's also fun for my boys to see if any of their favorites end up on the list (for example, I only by Pop Tarts when they are super cheap). Also, Terri says that doing it this way is actually cheaper than Costco or Sam's Club for most things. After the trial period, it costs about $1.25 per week, plus the cost of a Sunday paper.

Click here to check out and read the fine print. If I've confused you more than helped, send me a comment and I'll try to clarify.


Anonymous said...

We did the Grocery Game for a long time. The only problem was taking the time to print and evaluate the list and cut and organize coupons. I was cutting coupons and filing them each week.
I must say the savings was INCREDIBLE! I OFTEN saved as much or more than I spent. Checkers would be amazed and I loved to see the look on their faces when I checked out.
So, you may have inspired me to get back to it. I don't think I ever canceled my subscription.

~ Lucy said...

Ladies! Where are the updates? Are you ok? You're freakin' me out.