Sunday, January 4, 2009

Girlfriends Forever

Submitted by: Michelle

"The laughter of girls is, and ever was among the delightful sounds of the earth.
" De Quincey

Georgia, Natalie and Abigail
photo taken by their mom

It was 1984 and we were both members of our high school a Capella choir. Our teacher was Gaynor Trammer and with a name like that, neither Leslie or I could resist making jokes. I think our sense of humor is what drew us together at first - it certainly wasn't our love of singing in German. We became fast friends and though we lost touch during our college years we reconnected in 2005 and were happy to find that we both live in Southern California!

We live a few hours apart so we aren't able to see each other often, but I try to visit Leslie every few months. She lives in LA so it is a treat for me to get away for a day or so and hang out where life moves just a bit quicker and the shopping and dining are much hipper.

This past Friday I made a trip to LA and had a sleepover at Leslie's house. It was such a pleasure to hang out with her family and enjoy good food, laughter and lots of red wine. I had a great time talking with Abigail and Georgia and being an audience for their jokes, singing and dancing, and who wouldn't love the opportunity to hold and play with a cute toddler like Natalie?

Spending an extended amount of time with Leslie reminded me again why we are such kindred spirits. Her wit, quick thinking and intelligence make for great conversations and her love of cooking is right up my alley. She is beautiful, both inside and out, and her top priority in life is to be a good parent, which was evidenced by all the love and structure that she provides for her girls. It made me smile to listen to Leslie explain to one of her daughters why having a rescue dog is just as good (or better) than having a purebred designer dog, as many of her daughter's friends do. I was happy to hear that Abigail, the eldest, was allowed to go to school late on election day so she could have the opportunity to go to the polls with Leslie while she voted. It is clear that Leslie (and her husband whom I have failed to mention thus far but deserves a shout out since he made a run to the store to buy us more wine!) are trying to raise girls who will be well rounded, civic minded, contributing members of society.

Good friends are hard to find and life long friends are even rarer. I'm so glad that the laughter that brought Leslie and I together in high school still connects us now that we're grown up people, and I hope I'll have the opportunity to hear the giggles of Abigail, Georgia and Natalie for many, many years to come.

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