Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Welcome to my Home!

Submitted by: Linda
Last Sunday when we took our family picture, Craig and I stepped outside to experiment with the camera and he snapped this pic of me. As much as I feel a bit silly posting pictures of myself, I feel like it captures my "philosophy" about my home and having people over.

Long story short, we once lived in a teeny tiny house with 2 small children, then we were privileged to live rent-free in Craig's grandma's house. At Grandma's house we were blessed to live there, as we were right across the street from Craig's parents. We have such sweet memories of that time, however the house itself was a mishmash of carpet, wallpaper, varieties of paneling, and so on.

When the door opened for us to buy our current home (a block from the school where I teach), we were thrilled to have SPACE for everyone and plain white walls!!! Craig and I felt so blessed and thankful, we decided to open our doors whenever our home was needed. When our church moved from San Dimas to Claremont, our house really became a hub of activity, especially with youth group kids.

So our goal has been to have a home that is "warm and welcome" for anyone who walks through our doors. Tonight we will be hosting the Wallace Clan for a soup supper and Christmas tradition of having the children spontaneously act of the nativity story from the book of Luke, and have birthday cake for Jesus. Tomorrow I will host my Roll side of the family for steaks, gift giving and singing carols. (Don't worry, I'm not cooking everything!)

Yes, it is work to entertain (getting teenagers to help??!!), but Craig and I have so much fun doing it that others say we make it look easy. The bottom line is, we're happy having people in our home. And by the way, if you're in my neighborhood, please stop by. I can always add an extra plate.

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