Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photo Destination: Linda's Couch

Submitted by: Linda

Here's the virtual version of our Christmas card. To see the hand-stamped front, visit the blog archive "Linda's Christmas Tip #2" dated Nov. 12. Usually we have a great pic in a fun destination, but this year our destination is our living room. We plopped onto the couch, set the camera timer, and here it is! My hair looks a bit funny , probably because I'm the one who pushed the camera button and then ran to the couch to get in the picture!!!
(Inside of card follows:)
Here’s the brief update from the Wallaces:
Craig: APU Alumni Guy, Favorite Uncle (who helps the nieces and nephews in their
home remodeling projects)
Linda: Kindergarten Teacher, Blogger (Ladies, check out, Early Morning Walker
Tommy: HS Senior, Mountain Biker, Mexico Worker, California Driver, Tennis Player
Nick: HS Junior, Junior High Youth Leader, Mexico Worker, Tennis Player, Funny Voice Master
Let the Peace of Christ rule in your hearts
this Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

What a totally awesome family you have :D
We all love you guys