Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mother-Daughter Time

Submitted by: LindaI'm blessed to have a mom I enjoy spending time with. She and my dad live about 2 miles from me from May through September each year, and we have a lot of fun together during that time. My mom and I enjoy our weekly visits to Michael's to use our 40% off coupon, and we spend a ton of time stamping cards (or as my dad likes to say, "cutting and pasting"). My mom always makes delicious pecan rolls for our family. This holiday season, I asked to help so that I could learn how. Her recipe was handed down from my Grandma Klippenstein, who got the recipe with her Sunbeam mixer. These rolls have a sweeter dough than usual cinnamon rolls.

Here's the dough after it has risen once.
Mom is rolling out the dough after putting butter, cinnamon and sugar on it.
We put the rolls into prepared pans (brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, pecans) and let them rise again. Now they are ready to bake.

Yum! They were done around 4 pm, and we all had to stop everything and eat a hot fresh pecan roll with a glass of cold milk!!!

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Veronica C. said...

They look Yummy Linda ...Delicious!