Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Linda's Christmas Tip #8: Cookies!

Submitted by: Linda

This cute Cookie recipe book is the one mentioned by Michelle in the "Friendship Feast" post. Our stamping group gathered last year to share cookies and create this darling cookbook (again designed by Stacey and Diane). My Christmas tip for today is to gather some friends for a cookie exchange. The actual "exchange" doesn't need to be an elaborate event (or even an event at all!) but a chance for you and some friends to save time by making one type of cookie, then trading so that you end up with a nice variety on your holiday table.

If that even seems too big of an undertaking, find one friend, or two, and simply trade with them. I always do this with my mom, which works well (I make sugar cookies, and she makes pecan sandies).

Some cookies freeze well. If this is they case with your type of cookie, make some up ahead of time.

I'd love to exchange my sugar cookies with someone who makes that yummy English toffee/Almond Roca stuff....any takers?

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