Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Linda's Christmas Tip #11: New "Vintage" Tablecloth

Submitted by: LindaI received a gift certificate to Barbara Cheatley's Antique/KnickKnack store here in Claremont, and when I went shopping, look what I found!!!!!! This beautiful new "vintage" table cloth (made by Moda)! I just love it. I am really picky about buying Christmas decorations because: A: It's only out for one month out of the year and B: I already have a lot of things I love, so if I buy something new I have to get rid of something else. When I saw this, I knew it was a "must have"!

My tip for today is to adopt those same rules when buying Christmas (or other) home dec items. You have to love it enough to say 'goodbye' to something else, and be willing to store it during the off-season.

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