Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Eat Your Vegetables

Submitted by: Michelle

While Kathy was in town for the Turkey Day Feast we did lots of cooking, both in preparation for the holiday and just because we love to eat! Kathy is one of my favorite people to cook with. She has some serious skills when it comes to the kitchen and being the academic that she is (have I mentioned she is Dr. Kathy, PhD???) she is always well versed in the most recent Gourmet magazine, NY Times food section and any other cooking publication she can get her hands on.

We decided to make a batch of greens, Utica style. (Utica is the Kathy's hometown in NY.) For all of my southern readers, this is Italian style greens so it probably isn't quite like what you are used to eating.

We started with a big pile of swiss chard and spinach. We usually use escarole, an Italian green, but it was unavailable at this time of year. Kathy cooked the greens with some garlic and olive oil. Can you believe that huge pile wilted down to this?
For flavor she added roasted potatoes, hot cherry peppers (they come in a jar at the grocery store) Genoa salami, and salt and pepper. At the very end of the cooking process, Kathy added some chicken stock, bread crumbs and a large grating of Parmesan cheese. Kathy will tell you that the secret to greens is cooking them long enough to get rid of the bitterness, leaving behind a smooth flavor that blends well with whatever is added to them.

We ate the greens as a side course to Lemon Spaghetti a la Giada De Laurentis. (The grilled shrimp was our addition, not Giada's.) It was outstanding and a yummy way to eat our vegetables.


Linda and Michelle said...
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k-dizz said...

thanks for the major props, michelle. my low-blood-sugar, 4-p.m. state of physic has me drooling over these photos!

Anne Marie said...

What a crazy coincidence.... I have been OBSESSED with greens for the past three weeks. I don't how it started. I think the big bag of prewased escarole was on sale at Wegman's. In any case, my recipe has basically been to saute them up with some olive oil, add TONS of lemon juice, and the toss in a whole can of cannelini beans. Clearly, this Lubey-Wark recipe is far, far superior. I love the potatoes! Looks like I could be making this again tonight! :-)