Saturday, December 13, 2008

CJ's Birthday!

Submitted by: Linda
One of the privileges of being a kindergarten teacher is the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with neat children and their parents. Each year when the school year begins, I wonder if I will make any new friendships with kindergarten moms, as a result of teaching their children. There really is something special about partnering with parents and kids during that first year of learning in kindergarten. This year I have the pleasure of having CJ in my class. I also had her brother John several years ago. Having John or CJ in your class means you get to have their mom, Darlene, as a "star" parent helper! One of her greatest gifts is photography - so when I have her children in my class I'm released from taking and developing pictures, among other things. I could list all the things she does for me and my school, but I'll just tell you about the picture shown below! CJ's birthday was Thursday, so Darlene brought in treats. Instead of the usual cupcake/juice box, look at what she brought in!!!! The snowman drink is a Danimals Drinkable yogurt decked out like a snowman (The kids LOVED it!) and a cupcake decorated like a snow globe. You can't see the details in the pic, but the snowman is holding a tiny gingerbread man, and the sides of the cupcake were rolled in plain white sugar - so it is sparkley and pretty! There are even teeny tiny snowflakes on the white frosting! Anyway, I was inspired by the cuteness, and hope you are too.

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Veronica C. said...

This is very creative plus healthier than juice box!