Monday, December 1, 2008

Tea Anyone?

Submitted by: Michelle
My cousin Kathy came to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. Though we are not exactly close in age (I'm 40's, she's 30's) or proximity (she lives in NYC, I'm in L.Q.), we have always been close in spirit. Over the years Kazzer, as I affectionately call her, has helped me develop a palate for tea. When I visit her in NYC we have many rituals and one of my favorites is visiting T Salon.

T is owned by the Miriam Novalle, the mother of one of Kathy's college friends, Julie. Lucky for us west coasters, Julie lives in LA and is opening a west coast branch of T Salon! When I picked Kathy up from the Burbank Airport last week we had lunch with Julie before we headed to the desert.
Kathy & Julie outside of Hugo's in Studio City.

Julie kindly brought us some samplings of tea, including one of my favorites, Sunrise in Tibet. I marveled at the beautiful new packaging and how though the business is expanding, they are still dedicated to being environmentally conscious.

T Salon LA should be open in early 2009, but for now you can order online via their website. (I know Julie has a temporary shop somewhere in the Melrose area and I will post the location as soon as I have an address.) I highly recommend Mango with Flowers, Chelsea Breakfast and of course, Sunrise in Tibet.

Who wouldn't want these gorgeous products? Try them out today!

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Anonymous said...

that is so cool. i LOVE it. very nice that you had lunch w/the lady too.