Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Linda's Christmas Tip #4

Submitted by Linda:

This post ends with the Christmas Tip... be sure to read on.

So, every fall APU hosts its annual fundraiser, "Dinner Rally". It is always a very inspirational event for me, because of my great experience there as a student, because my husband works there, and because such amazing things are happening in Azusa and around the world (as a result of their wonderful service and ministry programs). Anyway, I could share way too much information about the whole evening, but I thought I would share one great nugget. The event featured two of its alum, Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay (I'm sure I'll post a blog entry about him someday) and Steven Moser, co-founder of Anti-Body.

Anti-Body (Anti-poverty, beautiful Body) was created in 2005 after Steven, his wife and her sister lost a beloved family member tragically. They felt the need to lead a more purpose-filled life, so they left their lucrative jobs and embarked on a mission to create products that would benefit both the customer and the individuals from developing countries who produce their ingredients. So they actually visit faraway places to purchase the raw materials that go into their products!

After extensive research about the most natural and beneficial ingredients, they formulated a body-care line that would include fair trade certified ingredients. At Dinner Rally, we each received the items shown in the picture below (They even printed the APU logo on it). The hemp and shea lotion is NICE! I would suggest you visit the website, where you can read their story and see a short video. Their story is very inspirational because they now run a family business that also helps others around the world.

So, Christmas Tip #4 is to start early on your Christmas shopping - maybe start by buying something from Anti-Body! Here is the link: www.anti-body.com

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