Monday, November 17, 2008

Linda's Christmas Tip #3

Submitted by Linda:

Have you heard of the Flylady? She's an organizational guru who has a website helping people get rid of clutter 15 minutes at a time. She has many fun and easy ways to get your home organized. Check out her website at In past years she helped people like me get prepared for the holidays by helping us 'cruise through the holidays'. She sent email "missions", which were tasks to do ahead of time, so that folks could enjoy the holidays and not be stressed out and cranky by how much we all have to do.

One recommendation from the Flylady is to get your Christmas card materials all gathered so that they can go out on time. My tip for today is to order your stamps online! When it's time to work on your cards, you won't be making a last minute trip to the P.O.!! Here's the link:

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Renee said...

Okay this was one tip that I could actually do well. I went right to the website you posted, ordered my stamps, paid my dollar for shipping and handling, and have all my postage ready to go! Thanks Linda:)