Monday, November 10, 2008

Go Green or Go Home

Submitted by Michelle

My wishes have come true. La Quinta officially has it's own farmer's market! I've been dreaming of a local farmer's market ever since David and I moved to the desert from Pasadena 9 years ago. In fact, when we first moved, David and I would occasionally drive to the farmer's market in Redlands. Now we don't have to go further than Old Towne La Quinta. And the best thing is, we can walk there from our house!

Yesterday morning Lucy (the dog) and I walked to Old Town armed with our cash, grocery list and cloth bag to carry our goods in. We arrived just as the market was opening and I was so giddy I could barely contain myself. I was delighted to see that the owner of Le Artisan, a local French bakery, had a stand and I snapped up a French baguette, though I did forgo the chocolate croissant that was calling my name.

I found beautiful produce and though I do get my big box from the CSA, I bought a few things to supplement what I already had on hand at home. I purchased garlic, basil, cilantro, red onion, red beets (for juicing), cucumber, tomatoes and some interesting sunflowers.
An added bonus to my trip was one of my favorite local hangouts, the Old Town Cellar was open and I was able to rest on their patio and enjoy a passion fruit mimosa before going home.

So to all my fellow foodies out there, I encourage you to find a farmer's market near you and enjoy the bounty of the land. And to all my C-Mont peeps (Stacey, Diane, Jodi, Maribel, Karen and Laurie) I hope you are taking advantage of the Farmer's Market in downtown C-Mont every Sunday morning. You won't be sorry you did!


Veronica C. said...

I have to say Michelle; I truly enjoy reading your entries and all the wonderful healthy tips you give. Thanks :-)

Kathleen said...

what gorgeous produce!!! the picture of the root vegetables is *gorgeous*.