Friday, November 7, 2008

Cooking with Burgundy

Submitted by Michelle

One of the best perks of being a teacher is having the opportunity to watch students grow. Obviously, teachers see growth in their student's academics (hopefully!) but seeing a student grow from a teenager to an adult, as I have with several of my former high school students, or from their first day of kindergarten to the start of their middle school years is quite an honor. There is a phrase that goes something like this: "To teach is to touch a life forever," and though it is a bit corny, it is so very true. I can't think of many other jobs in which one is able to watch the work that she has done continue to grow and flourish and mature. I'm sure parents understand this feeling quite well. David (my hubby) and I do not have children of our own, but I think teaching young children and teenagers has given me some insight into the joy and pride that most parents must feel as they watch their children grow up.

Yesterday Burgundy, one of my former students, came over to the house to cook with me. I hadn't seen Burgundy in at least a year, but luckily for me her younger brother Damian is in my kinder class this year and we have been reunited!

When Burgundy was in kindergarten she was bright, energetic and a top student. Guess what? She's still just the same! As a proud middle school student she is earning top grades and has big goals for her life, including becoming a chef. She's also an avid reader and it warmed my heart when she told me she is currently reading the Nancy Drew mysteries (I loved Nancy Drew when I was her age too!!!!!)

Burgundy's interest in cooking and my love of all things food related made for a perfect afternoon in the kitchen. We started by making chocolate chip cookies. Not a hard task...except when the TEACHER doesn't read the recipe properly! It's amazing how runny cookies can become with the addition of an extra egg to the batter.

We also made a big, healthy salad using my farm fresh vegetables. Burgundy has great knife skills and did all the cutting and chopping for me. She also helped me make pesto, take the seeds out of a pomegranate, and cut up some watermelon. She was an excellent sous chef and a great companion in the kitchen.

Burgundy celebrates her 11th birthday today. When she reads this, I hope she realizes how proud I am to have been her teacher and how much I look forward to watching her continue to grow.

Thanks for cooking with me Burgundy and Happy Birthday!!!

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