Sunday, November 23, 2008

Being a Wallace...almost

Submitted by: Michelle
Me & T-Bone

This weekend I've been in Claremont crafting with Linda, stamping and eating with my C-mont Stamp Club (more on that in tomorrow's blog) and enjoying being Auntie Shelskie to Tommy and Nick.

One of the best perks of being in Linda's front row is being an honorary part of the Wallace Family. T-Bone and Nick Dawg, as I like to call them, always seem genuinely happy when I come to visit and are never embarrassed when I harass them and their friends with annoying questions about school or girls or life in general.

Much of Linda's extended family lives in the area and we often run into them at the boy's baseball games or church or events at Azusa Pacific University. I'm always amazed that they remember exactly who I am and are usually up to date on what I've been doing via Linda. I'm never just "Linda's friend" but a part of their family.

Tonight Linda and I went to a Turkey Feast hosted by the church she and her family attend. I've heard about this feast for years but have never been able to be a part until now. The event took place at APU and it was great fun seeing all the men working in the cafeteria kitchen. Craig, Linda's husband, always heads up the kitchen crew and does an amazing job. He is such a worker bee and is always a cheerful giver. Just the thought of organizing food for 400 people tires me out, but Craig makes it happen every year. Here's a pic of Craig and Tommy working together preparing food.
And here's Nick and his cousin Matt who, as always, recognized me and gave me a hearty hello.

I always feel lucky to have my C-mont family, but at this time of year when we are reminded to counting our blessings, I am especially thankful to be a part of the Wallace crew.

Linda and Nick


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