Sunday, November 16, 2008

497 Tags!

Submitted by Linda (back in C-Mont):
So, if any of you are wondering about our "wild rumpus" in LaQuinta, here are the details! We ate some nice meals, including wonderful salads made from Michelle's big box of produce, and a calorie splurge on some amazing Thai food. Michelle prepared 4 thanksgiving dishes (which are now waiting in the freezer!) for some of her (and my) upcoming events . I love it that she finds cooking relaxing (that way I'm usually released from cooking duties). While she cooked, I crafted away, making samples and finishing cards. The big accomplishment of the weekend was creating 497 hand-stamped Christmas tags! We had an assembly line going, and we worked from dawn to dusk. These tags will go in our "Tin o' Tags" which will be given as holiday gifts for work colleagues, our school volunteers, etc. We think they will be so happy to open up the tin and find it chock-full of cute tags! Most of the supplies are Stampin' Up, so if you are curious about specific products, contact Michelle through her SU website.

As I was driving home, Michelle called me to say that when she was changing the sheets in the guest room where I slept, she found a bunch of glitter on them - we laughed about how a "wild" time for us women over 40 is crafting all weekend!!!

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they all look beautiful!