Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wall O' Embellishments

Submitted by Linda:
So...one of the best ideas I've ever had is pictured above. In the past, I stored brads, buttons, paperclips, charms and other embellishments for cards in tubs. Of course, I couldn't find what I needed, and never knew what I had. My inspiration came from a magnetic spice rack which had 6 cute round jars that attached magnetically to a strip. So fast forward to IKEA where I found this white magnetic board (for about $10), then gathered my roll of magnetic tape and all my embellishments.

Now I can see everything that I have, and it is easily accessible. I'm lucky to have a craft room, but if you don't have a room, I think this would work well in the back of a closet or mounted on the inside of a large cabinet.

One more tip: The magnetic strip did not stick (neither did super glue, gorilla glue, Duco glue... etc.) The adhesive that finally worked was "crystal effects" (which is a product sold by Stampin Up to make things look glossy).

Now I just need to market it to all the crafters out there, before someone else does!

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